Friday, June 24, 2011

I Can't Really Blog Anymore :(

Hey guys..... Today I found out, my whole summer im going on vacations. Then when its time to go back to school i'll be in high school! I will never have time to blog for you guys!  I feel so sad that I can't really blog much anymore.. So I guess im posting to say goodbye.
I will really miss alot of you guys! I just wanted to say thank you to my readers! I also wanted to say a big thank you to Puffguy3, CrazyXre, Feey1, Dasf4, Spaniel78, and Pup1one! You guys commented on every post of mine and they made me feel like I had a reason to blog! I love you all! I love all my readers and followers thank you so much for all your support and love! Lets keep in touch!
Bye everyone. :(

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poem By Puffguy3

Hey guys below is a poem not by Red2120 or this website. But it is by a reader of this website! This poem is by Puffguy3! Check out his poem:
There once was a puffle named Snowy
Snowy is small and white
He has a brother named Joey
Joey can bite!
Snowy once found a plow
It was all dirty and full of rust
The plow said “Moo” like a cow
Then it bit the dust
Snowy ate a carrot
It tasted like snow
Then came a ferret
And told Snowy to go
Snowy wore a Bow tie
Bow ties are cool
It made Snowy fly
And he landed in a pool
EPIC poem Puffguy3! I loved reading it and I'm sure my other readers of this blog will like it too!
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Tomorrow I will have a full coverage of the Club Penguin characters and what they are like. So check back tomorrow!

Monday, June 20, 2011

So Sorry Guys!

Hey guys! I noticed I have been asking in my earlier blog posts for you guys to send me pictures of your penguins, and igloos and puffles! I noticed all your emails went to my spam box! That's not good at all! I'm so so so sorry I never looked at them back then. I just looked at them all and they all look awesome! I promise next time to publish them all! I am working on a new email address that is very simple and will allow me to read all your emails! Also in other news, tomorrow you can look forward to a new Disney Club Penguin Stories Reviewed By You!

P.S I will make a blog post when I have a new email!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Club Penguin NOT Loading Bug!! + Small Screen Bug!!!

Club Penguin has been very buggy for me! Everytime I go to that website doesn't load for me! It takes an half hour to load! This is very bad for cadence tracking. Then sometimes when it does load I get a error message. My computer is SUPER fast! I don't get why this is happening. If I am lucky, I will actually make it on the game. But when I do, sometimes I get this bug:
How are you suppost to play on a screen that small?! This is not cool!!!
Fix this bug Club Penguin.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ice Berg Secret: The Penguin Band

Hey guys! Want to know when you will get a chance to watch the Penguin Band perform?
The Penguin Band performs at the Ice Berg. Check out a picture of how it looks:
They come every 30 Minutes. But keep in mind that these are robots. When the Penguin Band waddle around there will be a sign saying they are on break. So at this point they are offline. When they come online the Penguin Band tracker will say so!
Click here for the tracker

Club Penguin Penguin Band Tracker

Currently: ONLINE
Server: N / A
Location: N / A
Did you find them? Click here to tell us where they are!_______________________________
                Who is the Penguin Band?
The Penguin Band contains 4 band members, Franky, G Billy, Petey K, and Stompin' Bob. All 4 band members are dedicated to giving us the best concert they can! Franky is a creative and curious penguin who plays the key board and gets butterflies before all performances. Petey K is a funny and smart penguin who loves pulling pranks on G Billy and plays the accordion. Stompin' Bob is a adventurous and cool penguin who loves spending his free time reading and writing songs. He plays the electric bass. G Billy is a penguin who very loyal and dedicated to his fans. He never takes off his lucky bandana, and plays the drums.
               How to find the Penguin Band
the Penguin Band only comes on during Club Penguin parties. They can be found in member only rooms. The Penguin Band is always jumping servers! They are on a server from 5-10 Minutes. Check out popular servers, safe chat servers, and different language servers. Also make sure to check every room possible that they could be in!
                 How the Penguin Band looks
Franky wears purple high top shoes along with a green open jacket!
Petey K wears a red beanie with jean shorts along with a striped vest!
Stompin' Bob wears a dark blue shirt along with some jeans he also has brown stylish hair!
G Billy has a striped jacket along with a red bandana in his hair!
(Picture of them coming soon)
If you can't see them on Club Penguin, make sure to check the users in room.
 What to do when you Find the Penguin Band
When you find one of the members, click them and click the box icon on their player card. When you do that you will get the chance to grab the Penguin Band's background.
(image of this coming soon)
Once, you meet the one of the Penguin Band members you will also earn their free stamp!
(image coming soon)
Good luck tracking the Penguin Band! Be sure to refresh this tracker alot!

Club Penguin DJ Cadence Tracker

Currently: ONLINE
Server: Just left Server Berg.. Tracking...
Location: Tracking...
Did you find Cadence? Click here to tell us where she is!_______________________________
                Who is Cadence?
Cadence is Club Penguin's best DJ! She's not just a DJ, shes an amazing break dancer!  Her favorite hangout spot is always in the Night Club. You can see her any time you want by playing "Dance Contest". She brings the party every time she logs on!
               How to find Cadence
Cadence only comes on during Club Penguin parties. She can be found in member only rooms. Cadence is always jumping servers! She is on a server from 5-10 Minutes. Check out popular servers, safe chat servers, and different language servers. Also make sure to check every room possible that Cadence could be in!
                 How Cadence looks
Cadence is a peach penguin who wears a yellow and pink scarf, awesome white shoes, pink and purple hair, and she even has a pair of her own green headphones. This is how her player card looks on Club Penguin:

If you can't see her on Club Penguin, make sure to check the users in room.
      What to do when you Find Cadence
When you find Cadence, click her and click the box icon on her player card. When you do that you will get the chance to grab her background.

Once, you meet Cadence you will also earn her free stamp!

Good luck tracking Cadence! Be sure to refresh this tracker alot!